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Moto Massage Question For H/s Gurus!

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I concur with a lot of these posts.  Hot Springs and the local dealer do not do part replacements rather they want to provide entire assemblies. In my first case, I had a leak in an end of the spa heater.  The local dealer wanted to replace the heater at a cost of $800.  I found an end cap replacement kit for $20 - did the replacement and save $780.  With regard to the moto massage hoses.  I found the same situation.  Hot Springs and the local dealer wanted to replace the moto massage assemblies and not the hoses themselves.  The moto massage assemblies come over $100 and with labor would be nearly $300-$350 dollars.  I am going to TRY to find the hoses and replace them myself.  I am wondering if there are any updates on DIY moto massage hoses??? 

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Just did this repair and working like a charm.  $7 and a one week wait sure beats $100+ for a whole new assembly.  Have enough to replace it again if needed. Used 12x16 mm tubing and only problem is using the original clamps to hold it on.  Couple extra small zip ties on it for now.  Will be looking for something like a fuel line compression clamp in the future.  Specifically one that will hold up to the water and chemicals. 

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Just did the mod as my HS silicon tubing has wasted away/split on my DX motomassager on my 2006 Jetsetter and works a treat. Both arms zoom up and down as they should now for £7.49 from Amazon.


seems good quality silicon tube. If it lasts a year and needs replacing again took all of 30 mins to replace, so way cheaper than £134.00 for a new MM Vertebrae assembly. 

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