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Jandy Heater Fault : Shorted H20 Sensor


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I need some help trouble shooting this error message on my Jandy Heater!!!!! "Shorted H20 Sensor" I have replaced the Water Sensor which is in the pipe between the filter and the heater - (thinking this was what the error was regarding, I should have known better) Is there a sensor actually inside the unit which I can replace? Or could this be a board problem......

Heater is 3 years old..... Jandy LRZ 400ep

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Temp sensor is located in the inlet/outlet header. disconnect leads and measure resistance. Should be somewhere between 19.898K ohms (50 degrees) - 5.327K ohms (104 degrees). Although, if you are getting a failure code, it is probably open/disconnected. Either a failure proper, or possibly a pest has chewed the wires.

BTW, if you have a salt system, the temp sensor may have failed due to the salt water. Jandy provides for this specific condition, a salt temp sensor at over twice the cost of a regular one.

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Thanks so much for reponding Spa Guru!

The temp sensor for my pool and jacuzzi works properly - I am only getting the error message on the Jandy heater itself. So there is a different temp sensor in the heater unit itself? (I am not familiar with the heater, never had issues before) I replaced the temp sensor itself (it has failed before, so that was my first guess) The temperature is accurate on my Hayward Aqua Pod and Goldline panel box - I don't get any errors here. The jacuzzi was not heating up, so I looked on the heater panel itself - it has the error - so the rest of my system does not recognize any issues..... So for my clarification - I have the air temp sensor - the water temp sensor on the top pvc pipe between my filter and heater... Both of which are working.... I will go down and open the heater when I get a chance to see if I can figure out what I am looking for inside of it. It is something wrong only on the heater panel - no errors show with the rest of my system

It is a salt water pool.....

I appreciate your help. This is driving me crazy, as it is the first issue I have not been able to fix on my own!

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