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Sovereign Circa 2000 Instantly Trips Breaker

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Hot Springs Sovereign; I think we got it around 2000. S/N is IQ2A2015; it has the IQ2000 controls, and is wired for 220. Two GFCI breakers- a 20A that runs the controls and circulation pump, and a 50A for the heaters and main pump. After a brief power outage two days ago, every time I reset the smaller, 20A breaker, it instantly trips. I replaced the breaker but problem continues. After the power outage, water backed up into the Ozone unit. I've disconnected the Ozone electrically but no change in behavior. I removed the metal bracket that obstructs the main board, didn't see any obvious burn spots or other indications. While the bracket was off, I tried applying power and got a steady red light. I powered off to avoid the shocking hazard while replacing the bracket, and now it instantly trips the breaker again.

I've also tried powering up without the thermistors attached, but no change. They measure 11.61 and 12.64; water may still be slightly warm.

Any clues? At first it was just the red blinking light syndrome; now it won't come on at all, and instantly trips the 20A breaker (the control panel light flashes briefly until the breaker trips.)



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Try disconnecting the hot and neutral wires on the circ pump circuit (at the circuit board), and re-apply power. The bracket attaches ground from one side of the box to the other- so it's a component that's going to ground, likely the circ pump based on your description.

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Update: disconnected the circ. pump, and now power will stay on. If I also power the heaters, I now get the blinking red light. Time to replace the circ. pump. And, a correction: not 20 and 50 amp breakers; it's 20 and 30 (I'll blame eyesight and memory). Reading elsewhere in the forum, I came across references to water coming from the inlet to the tub as hotter than normal being an indication of a circ. pump slowing down (makes sense). That's a clue I missed. I did notice a few days ago that the water seemed hotter than normal when my foot was over the inlet, but didn't think much about it. Thanks Mr. Guru from Ft. Myers!. (Coincidentally, I traveled a week before Memorial day with a stop in Miami, and we ended up in Ft. Myers instead due to weather.)

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