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Hot Spring Prodigy Heater Not Working, Now Pump Not Working Either

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Hello all, this is my first post to this forum.

Have a bit of a problem. My wife and I have a 2005 Hot Springs Prodigy (Model H) hot tub that has been working great for almost 2 years. Recently I started hearing a clicking noise coming from within the components compartment. At the same time our tub wasn't hot anymore, but only warm.

The circulation pump and jets were working fine at that time. I opened the IQ2020 panel and heard the clicking coming from the heater board. I noticed that the white heater wire also was darkened, like it had shorted out and fried the wire & board. I did some testing with a multimeter and found that the black & white leads on the heater board weren't giving any volts. This heater board was the original 73355 board. Finding there was a newer heater board (74618), I ordered that and just received it yesterday. I installed the new board (old board had a burned circuit on backside) and hooked up all the wires as directed by the instructions. This included using the same white wire from the heater that was darkened, but I had cut the old connectors off. I got everything installed and in place, turned on the circ pump breaker and then the heater breaker, but unfortunately there is still a clicking noise... the same as before.

The really bad thing now is that where the jets were working before I changed the heater board, now when I turn on the jets there is just a click and now the jets do not come on at all. This circ pump also is not pushing bubbles up. FYI - I did fill the tub before all of this through the ozone standpipe filter to ensure there wouldn't be any airlocks. Also, during all the testing I did not have any filters on.

On the main circuit board, the LIM OK light is on and green and the HEATER ON light is also on and red. When I used the multimeter and tested voltage on the new heater board, I'm getting about 130v (where I was getting 0 on old board). When I tested the white and black wires coming from the heater, I am getting a sound from the multimeter.

I'm at wits end with this... the heater is a Watkins No Fault. I'm not sure if a bad heater would cause all this, but as I mentioned earlier, the HEATER ON light is on and red, which I think means the tub is getting a good signal from the heater and thinks it's heating, but I could be wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas of other things to try? My issues are:

1) the clicking noise when the heater breaker is turned on

2) the circ pump and jets are no longer working (multimeter is not getting any signal when tested on the main circuit board - I'm no genius on how to test circuits/electricity, but I will definitely test anything anyone has ideas on).

Thank you for your time in reading this and any help you can provide.

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