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Low Speed Jets Stopped Working On My Cal Swim Spa Yet The Pump Is Humming And Running

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So the low speed jets that circulate the water and gets the water hot was working fine. Then I did test using the test trip to check chemical levels and it was high for ph so used spa down and got that to the ideal level also it was low on bromine it was a pink shade so just one less then the first ideal level so I thought I added the correct amount it said 4 teaspoons to every 200 gallon water and i think mine is 1200 gallons and I actually put in less then that maybe for like 600 gallons since it was close to the ideal level.

I waited the 30 minutes I did a test again and it was at the highest level dark purple. So at that point i went and got a bucket and filled it up with water and poured it in there to dilute the water and also turned on the jest to high so it would circualte around more and lower it a little quicker. After that I waited 10 minutes and when back out I noticed the low speed pump was running but no water was circulating on that side. None of them and they valves on the jets are open. I pressed the jet button again and it went to high and still nothing. If I press the option button to turn on the other side jets they come on fine and same with the blow for doing the swimming or laps.

I though maybe there was air in the line and i tried all the steps like pressing the pump buttons every 10 seconds. I also tried to bleed it using the bleeder valve it and the union nut too and even removed the filters too. I just never stuck a hose in there like one of things I saw online said. The other steps I did was in my manual and still nothing.

During all these processes the display showed HH meaning the heater over heated and the censor kicked it off. I noticed to the night before the walls where the water was touching in the shell felt kind of scummy or ruff but would come off after rubbing it sum. I havent had this water in there for a long time I just got this swim spa used and was working fine and everything and looked in like brand new condition and filled a couple of days prior and was waiting for it to heat up to the correct temp I had only been in it twice before this issue but throughout the day for a total of several hourd to 5 hours for each day.

When I first filled it and was heating up I had to use calcium hardness to the swim spa cause it was low and I got that to the ideal level as it matched the color. Did this happen cause I added too much bromine or what could be the problem? What about the ruff feel on the walls. Is that mean there is to much calcium? It shows it at the second shade on the ideal level or What do I need to do to get the water flowing again?

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