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My First Spa (Cal Spa Questions)


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We just got done installing our first spa and have already run into a potential issue. The spa is a 2013 Cal Spas E750L. It has two pumps and 50 jets. Everything seems to be operating correctly but I am getting a strange howling noise in the equipment area but under the filter/suction section of the tub. I'm positive it is not a motor. If I close one of the blade valve half way the noise stops. Any suggestions before I call a technician?

The second question is in regards to the Safety Suction light. I read the owners manual front to back and there really isn't much explanation. My Safety Suction light is on steady. Is that normal?

Thank you!


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Could be a noisy blade valve. Some of mine (different make, model) occasionally sound "grinding" but it's just the jet fitting itself, moving it a little quiets it.

Then again - this is a 2013 model. Do you have a dealer you can ask? Cal Spas does have a dealer network....

This is "exhibit A" as to the advantages of buying a tub from a dealer - because he's not around the corner if you mail-order or buy it at a "big box store".

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Regarding the Safety Suction light, we have a different model Cal Spas and have the light on all the time. The dealer explained that this indicates that the feature is enabled and the light should normally be on. We have it on all the time.

Thank you. I was wondering about that.

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