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Metal-Gon : Dissolved Iron

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I would wanted to ask if any members could elaborate on what chemically the product Metal-Gon is and how it works?

I'm having a bit of a issue with the iron from my well water. My first fill as soon as I dosed the chlorine all the iron oxidized out. The filters did there job and cleaned the water in about a day (rinsed them off a few times). One my second fill I tried to use a pre filter on the end of the hose and a bottle of metal gone. All was good with the water for about 6 days. Then all the sudden the iron started to oxidize again. This time coating the surfaces of the tub.

Is the metal-Gon a polyphosphate blend? Once the iron is "bound" up why would it come back out?

Anything specific to the filling procedure with metal-gon I may have messe up.

I may resort to getting a hole house iron filter.

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If you are referring to Leisure Time Metal Gon, that is 1-Hydroxyethane-1,1Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP) which does slowly break down over time so you need to add more to keep the metal sequestered. To avoid the metals completely, you'd have to remove them, not just sequester them, and that can be done with a better metal filter during filling of your spa. Perhaps someone can recommend a good hose filter product for iron removal.

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