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Winter Shock


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Is a specially formulated "winter shock" necessary to close an in-ground pool? I have read that a regular in-season shock to around 30 ppm is acceptable prior to closing for the winter.

Best thing to use is a Non chlorine based shock. O2 shock is the best. About 2-3 lbs would be great.

Using regular shock could cause bleaching.

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What kind of inground? liner or gunite? I've never heard of 02 shock, and frankly wouldn't trust any product to chlorinate a pool except chlorine. You really only need to go to about 15-20 ppm, depending on what your CYA level is....the higher your CYA, the more chlorine you need. The colder weather will inhibit algae growth quite a bit. It really depends on how much sunlight is directly on pool during the day. You may need to chlorinate more if in a sunny climate.

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what kind of cover are you using? if it's a solid cover with bags, you really don't need anything. on solids, I will maybe put a gallon of sodium hypochlorate in at winerterize, but it's really not necessary. I have several customers who winterize early and summerize late. the pools always open up crystal clear

On a mesh, I will usually install a floater with 5 or 6 tabs tied to a dive stand or cover strap. I instruct the homeowner to always keep the water at least 12" below the cover and to make sure the cover stays tight. readjust after heavy snow if necessary. Again, I will put some shock in, but the floater and water level are much more important.

pump down right before the freeze and again right afte the thaw, refilling the floater both times. Keep the water low enough so it does not touch the cover. works every time.[kn]

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