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Balboa Board/ Spa Troubles

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Has anyone ever come acreoss this problem before?

I purchased a new pressure switch and the exact same thing happens as with the old pressure switch. After about an hr the panel locks out with FLO constant. Recirc pump is still running. I unplug a lead at the pressure switch and spa kicks on with FLO flashing. I plug back in the lead and the display is normal and heater is working. After about an hr (sometimes sooner/longer) the panel locks out with FLO constant.

I had the recirc pump .4amp plugged into J14. Recirc pump stopped working. Still have 120v to recirc pump. Purchased new recirc pump and it did the same thing. Wired recirc pump to a seperate 120v circuit in the house and pump runs fine.

Something weird is going on here. I purchased the board a year ago but only recently installed a few months ago. Board controls 2 - 3hp two stage pumps, Ng heater, and spa light

Everything when working works great until it all turns off and panel locks up with Flo Constant. Voltage is good at board. GFI is stable.

Balboa board P/N 53170-01 Model M3


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i get a flag when i read, "recirc pump quits running, still have 120v to pump."

How do you know there is STILL 120v being fed to the pump? Did you check the voltage at the connection to the circuit board with a voltmeter? If so, did you check it when that condition was present, specifically?

Also, you say your board controls 2X3hp pumps, heater, and light, but you dont list a recirc pump? Is your recirc pump a separate unit from your 2 main pumps? Just asking because my recirc operation is performed automatically by pump #1 on low.

When you get that FLO code on the display, does all water flow stop at the jets? can you feel anything at all, even low pressure recirc?

Read here for more details: http://spababes.com/spa-packs/hot-tub-error-codes-flow/

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The reason you're getting flow error isn't because it's detecting no pressure....

It's because it's reading pressure when there shouldn't be any... hence the reason it turns on when you unplug the pressure switch harness. Did you crank down the new pressure switch before you put it in or something?

Remember, it must read Open line when there's no flow, as well as close when pressure is present.

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