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Am I Doomed? Salt Cell Questions


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Recently had my salt cell (t15) go bad. Purchased a new (t-cell-3) not realizing that my main control unit firmware revision was 1.4.

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware? Is it a board replacement inside of the main unit? Is there anything I can do short of having to purchase a new control unit?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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If you can get a refund on the product, that would be ideal. The T-cell-3 is rated to chlorinate 25k less gallons than the T-Cell-15 (15k vs. 40k). Even if you were to get the system up and running, it is unlikely that it would be able to perform even marginally as well as your previous cell, and will most likely burn itself out very quickly (if it can manage to sanitize the water at all).

Sorry for the negative news.

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