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Topside Control Says 102 But Actual Temperature Of Water Is 97


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Hello, I have a Island Spa Grand Bahama 54 jet made by Artesian from 2003. A year ago I had to change out the main control panel with a new one made by Gecko. SInce then My water temperature is not as hot as the top panel says it is. Just to test it I set the temperature on top panel to 102 degrees and left it all night. Next day I tested the water with 3 differant thermometers and they all read betwee 97 and 96 degrees. I have read that I should test the temperature probe. How do I get to it. I dont want to force that little cover thing off it because I don't know if I am suppose to. ALso I read some thermostats need to be calibrated. How do I get to the thermostat? ANd how do I know if this is the type to calibrate. Before this new control panel was put it the termperature was perfect. The new control panel did come with a new temperature probe but we just kept the old one in because we didn't know how to change it and figured that it was good. Thanks, Katie

also is there a spell check on this board? I can't find it? Thanks for any help.

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