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Chemistry For Pool Closing


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I have been told different things in regards to the pH of the water when closing the pool. What is the ideal pH as we close? Actually we need to know all the chemistries, including the calcium level, alkalinity, and chlorine. Also, our pool builder told us we don't have to put antifreeze in the lines here in upstate new York. Isn't this a risk?


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I dont know how cold it gets with NY and the way people liek to do it up there.

But chemicals as far as i know stay the same

CL= 1-3

PH= 7.2-7.6

Alk= 80-120

Cal= 200-400 (this doesn't have to be exact depending on water source it might just be high)

CYA= 30-60

I know in DFW it hardly ever freezes over but when it does as long as your freeze guard works and you pool comes on water wont freeze while it moves. AGAIN this isn't NY so i take it probably gets a little more cold up there then down here during winter times.

We do have some people that dont want to run there pools period so they shut everything off and drain there pipes and system, just having water in the pool to a point. There have been claims by both sides from pool builders in the area to do this or not. Doesn't really get that cold to much.

Only time we ever had an issue with freeze was when jerry world in Arlington cause a roll outs and peoples pools didn't come on period during the small winter storm we had few years back.

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