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Craigslist Hot Tub. What Did I Get Myself Into?


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Bought what I'd guess to be an old Hot Spot SE from an old acquaintance's Craigslist ad. My parents had a fancy Hot Spring model when I was a kid so I said "how hard could this be?" Turns out hard when you know nothing about the hot tub. I can't find an owners manual online. There isn't a digital thermostat to know the temp settings and I don't know if it has a temp sensor to heat or if the jets need to be running. Anyone else have one of these oldies?

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It's a very simple tub. They usually work great. One thing which catches a lot of folks off guard is the "Tranquil Mode."

What happens is this: you turn on the jets (high speed) and enjoy. Then when you touch the jet button one more time, the jets go off. As you would expect. But what happens next is the spa sits silently for ten minutes before the low speed and heat comes on, assuming it's needed, of course.

You have a nice little tub.


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