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Hi all.

Trying to figure out what kind of pool part this is. It looks similar to priming plugs that have garden hose attachments, however it is in the shape of a pressure washer nozzle.

This photo shows all of its features.


If anyone can let me know what this is and what it is used for, it would be greatly appreciated.



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I can make an educated guess. It appear to be an 1.5" expandable pipe plug with a quick connect compressor fitting and a valve to seal in the air. I would expect a a matching female connector with a pressure gauge on it to do pressure testing on a skimmer because of it's length though in an empty pool, plugging everything and setting the filter and valves, you could test everything at once and listen for air leaks..

As to who makes these, I haven't a clue.

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This device is used to presure test the lines in a swimming pool when checking the lines for leaks. You place the device into the line, turn the butterfly untill you have a positive seal; pressurize the line with an air compressor to 25 PSI. and watch your pressure gague needle to see if the pressure drops. If the Pressure drops after 24 hours,... You have a leak. This is a Pressure testing device.

That sucker is band new too, Can I have it?

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