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I have a 2005 Hot Springs Grandee Spa model 36675.

A new Watkins no fault heater 4kw 240v was installed about 4years ago.

The heater just stopped working. I checked the breaker and tried resetting it but it tripped immediately

. The heater is on the 30 amp gfi breaker by GE. I tried resetting it after waiting a few minutes and it still tripped immediately. I put a tester on the circuit and that would light for an instant as soon as I tried to reset the breaker, but then the breaker would trip. I then disconnected all 3 heater wires from the control panel and the breaker still tripped immediately. All other functions seem fine. The red heater light on the panel also goes on when I raise the temp and goes off when I lower it below the actual water temp so I assume the thermostat is working ok. Any ideas? Could the breaker be bad? They run about $100 on line so I just don't want to guess and replace it. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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One last thing you can check: take the two hot wires off at the 30A breaker in the sub panel. If the breaker still trips, the breaker is it. If the breaker no longer trips, then you may have a problem with the wire from the sub panel to the spa. Take the wires off at the spa and reattach at the breaker - if the breaker still trips, its the wire.

I would love to have you post your serial number. It is formatted like this: G-XGXXXX The first G tells us the model, and it can be ONE G, or TWO GG. If it is One G, you should have this heater: 73790 Heater, Titanium PDR 6 KW and the heater should be wired to the 30A breaker.

If you have a spa with Two G (GG-) then you should have this heater: 76228 Heater, Titanium 4KW DOM, and the heater should be wired to the 20A breaker. If the heater was originally a 6KW but was replaced with a 4KW, it will work just fine - but you will have slightly less heating power.

In the serial number, the second G tells us it is a 2005. If you have another letter, then you have another year.

Let us know.


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Yes, that breaker, as expensive as it is, is less than a new heater.

You own an early 2002 Grandee, with a Quarite finish (blue or green) which left the factory with a 6KW heater.


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On 5/1/2021 at 2:11 PM, ckstarbird said:

i have a grandee gg   gg3g1827 looking for a heater and my pressure switch wire is cut off  and was just zip tied i need a new heater ran ohm test and there is nothing

Please start a new thread. This one is 9 years old.

In your new thread, explain your issue fully and post pictures of the equipment area, the control board/spa pack with the cover off and any schematics or wiring diagrams you have. This will provide our resident experts the info they need to assist you.

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