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Hair Line Crack Almost A Foot On Floor Shallow

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So just noticed a hair line crack on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end of the pool , should I be worried , :( or is there a way to fix it whith out emptying the water , or is there a way to see if the water is leaking through there ,

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I have some cracks in my pool as well. Plaster pool 25+ years old. I asked a proffesional that was out quoting a new pump for me and he said as long as the pool is not losing water its probably just cosmetic. To test for a leak he suggested I do the bucket test. Google pool leak bucket test. He also said that cracks can be repaired without emptying the pool but was against me doing it unless there really was a leak because it wasnt cheap he said.

If you have or think you have a leak, you can get dye that you drop near the crack and if there is a leak you will see the flow toward the crack. I guess they sell it in the pool stores or online.

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