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Lose Suction On Pump


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Last year I bought a house with an old inground pool that uses a Hayward Super Pump and a Hayward 270T sand filter.

This year, after changing the sand (350 lbs.), I've encountered a problem. When I go to suction the bottom of the pool, the suction on the pump decreases significantly, until there is no water flow whatsoever--there is water in the pump system (because the basket section is full to the lid with water), it's just not moving. After that, I have to switch the pump off and on a couple of times, which starts the water moving again.

It appears to me that the problem is with the pump not having enough strength, so that when it's tasked with suction duties, it slows down to a halt. (Note that the motor is still running). Do I need to replace the impeller? Seals? Can anyone make a recommendation?


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That is a little strange. Does the same behavior occur any other time? This did not happen before the sand was changed. I would try to back wash the heck out of the filter and try again, my thoughts are that something is wrong there and bottlenecking the flow a bit. If it were seals or the impeller (which hardly has any issues) the behavior would be occuring without the use of the vac. Also check your vac hose so that their may be air coming in there and causing the prime to be lost in vac.

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