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Automatic Spa Covers - Covana Vs. Eztop - Any Others?

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Sorry for yet another post, but as a newbie I have lots of questions! I was leafing through an old (August 2007) issue of Pool and Spa, and saw an ad for the EZTop spa cover, which is an alternative to the Covana. Other than a few youtubes, I can't find any hard info on this automatic cover. The company asks for a dealer login to access the website.

Does anyone here have one? I am surprised that there are only 3 automatic covers for spas that I have found. The third one is so hideous and I can't remember its name anyway, and so it will go unmentioned other than that.

I would think this would be a big market - a cover that is better insulated, impervious to waterlogging, doesn't get mildewy or faded by the sun, lasts essentially a lifetime (in spa years), opens with a touch and is out of the way neatly when open, not hulking nearby and ruining the view; one that can handle a decent amount of snow.

Here's a video, but it's also from 2007:


The EZtopā„¢ http://www.theeztop.com/ (1) extends or retracts in less than 6 seconds, (2) holds up to 1000 lbs., (3) provides touchpad access for security, (4) is better insulated than conventional spa covers, (4) doubles as an entertainment bar, (5) requires no installation (plug and play), (6) is impervious to wind damage, (7) outlasts conventional spa covers several times over (essentially, a lifetime cover), (8) seals in heat better than conventional covers, (9) provides a level of convenience that is unprecedented.

Is there anything else out there? If not, why not? Someone, somewhere, needs to invent the perfect automatic spa cover. If you hear of one, lemme know.

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I have now: http://www.autospaco...ASC2_video.html

That's the ugliest, clumsiest thing ever. Sorry, but it is.

I just went to the local dealer today in Mammoth to do the wet test and talk about covers. He said the regular covers here don't last because the bears like to use them like cats do scratching posts! He is very keen on the Covana, though they aren't a dealer (yet).

I had a friend visit a showroom where they had both the spa I want and the Covana, and he took a video:

Compare the whisper quiet, seamless performance of the Covana to either of these others. And later in the vid you can see the ceiling lights. With a snow load of 600 lbs., a hard permanent cover that sheds snow, and privacy screens built in that you can unhitch like a roller screen if you don't need it, but it also acts as a windbreak, which I need here in Mammoth. I'm here now and it is blowing like crazy.

The new model (as shown in the vid) looks so much nicer than the previous versions, as it has the color matched paint on the hydraulics, and the new screens are nice, though I hope they have some with a more natural look for the High Sierras, which are decidely NOT tropical!

After seeing my friend's vid, I've fallen in love all over again with the Covana. I just have to find a way to make it work with a recessed spa. Maybe I will do the semi-recessed as others have suggested.

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