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2003 Hot Spring Sovereign - Startup Needs

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Okay, I am new to the hot tub world, but have purchased a 2003 HS Sovereign and need to know what chemicals I need and if there is a good (less expensive) online option for purchasing these. I am about an hour away from the nearest dealer so need to be able to do as much as possible on my own. Also, I saw where specific brands are referenced. Are there less expensive subs that can be used or do I need to stick the specific brands noted?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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go to the water chemistyr section of the forums and read all the pinned topics. Decide which sanitizer you want to use (chlorine or bromine) then re-read the pinned topics on those. when you think you understand, then read them all again. That's the best way to sucess in running and maintaining a spa. I know nothing about it before i came here. after doing the above i had a flawless startup and have had zero problems in the first month.

I bought from any number of online dealers. A lot of people like spadepot. I used spa-mart as well. any of the major chemical suppliers are fine but you can get everything you need at walmart too.

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