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So I'm back.

First of all i wanted to thank everybody at this forum for their help and info. My pool is now perfectly balanced, clear, clean and a pleasure to swim in!


My sister decided to buy a small "pool" for her son.

The 8 foot x 2.5 foot small thingies he can splash and have fun in.

She filled it up with well water.

The well water has a very high TA. Larger than 250. And it contains a lot of calcium.

At first she had no problems. Clear water.

Then she neglected the pool for a few days and the algae attacked.

So i told her to shock the pool which she did. After a few days of adding bleach, the green algae disappeared.

However, the pool is cloudy now. Not green, just white cloudiness.

Did a chem test yesterday. pH was high, at around 9. Added hydrochloric to bring it down to 7.2

TA was larger than 250.

Is the cloudiness due to dead, bleached algae corpses? Or is it some kind of Calcium precipitate?

If it were due to dead algae, would the chlorine take care of that problem?

The TA is also very high. But lowering the TA by adding acid/ aerating stays the only option right?

Draining the pool is not an option for her because tap water is VERY expensive here, because its made by distilling seawater.


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Hey there.

The cloudiness in your pool is very likely dead algae. Milky white color is basically the definition of fine particles of dead algae. The best way to get rid of this would be to use a "clarifier" floc which is meant to allow small fine particles to be filtered through.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure if you noticed that this is a three month old thread. Also, not sure if you noticed that the water had both high TA and high CH and was shocked and then had very high pH so you really can't say the cloudiness was from dead algae. Certainly that is one possibility but without a set of test results it is impossible to say. Also, this is likely an Intex pool with an undersized cart filter so floc (or even a clarifier) is not always the best thing to add!

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