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The Hydropool Thread


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Hello PoolSpa forum! New to the site and my first post (but well-versed with forums in-general). I am also a first-time hot tub/spa owner. Quite frankly I think they are okay, but the decision to buy was more for my wife and kids. I already know they will love it, and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised once I try this one myself!

In 2009, Hydropool provided a fully-optioned self-cleaning 800 Titanium to The Price is Right game show, and a local fellow was the lucky winner of it in the showcase showdown. Although his hope was to use and enjoy the spa, he simply hasn't been able to change his current situation to where he could put the tub in a proper setting. He recently put it up for sale, and I found it to be the perfect fit for what my family would enjoy. In about 4 weeks after our site is prepped we'll take delivery of the tub, and I will actively visit this thread to add my comments/feedback along the way.

Normally I'm the type to research every option of every brand, so this is a little out of my comfort zone to zero-in on something specific without doing my homework. But being that it's a fully-optioned top-of-the-line brand-new unit from a brand that I have read positive comments about, we're going to give it a shot. But honestly, I have a lot to learn and will have questions. The most important thing to me is to see constructive feedback from current or previous Hydropool owners. So let's make this an "all Hydropool thread" by Hydropool owners. I would really like to hear from you!

If you are contemplating the purchase of a Hydropool spa please keep your questions specific to Hydropool in this thread and not a comparison of other brands' specific features here. Also, if you are dealer of any brands including Hydropool, I kindly ask that we keep this an owner's feedback thread (unless a specific technical issue can be addressed by a Hydropool dealer that would benefit existing owner's)

And Hydropool, if you would be able to offer the original warranty on this still-new unit starting with us, I'd be happy to send documentation and photos showing the unit still in factory wraps and being installed at our location in about a month. :)

If anyone wants to post pics of their Hydropool, that also makes things more interesting. I'll post pics of my backyard project to be built around this unit as well.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

I already did a search and read every comment about Hydropool on this site. Most didn't apply to me because I'm not looking for pre-sale advice or solution to a problem. I simply want to hear from current or past owners about their experience, good or bad, with Hydropool. Not meant to be a dis to you fine folk who make your living selling or servicing.

If there no replies, I'll assume that people are out enjoying their tubs and not siting on the internet looking for repair advice. ^_^

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I personally also have a H800 Titanium ( Midnight Mist/ Driftwood Everlast cabinet ) for the past 4 yrs with no issues except for the normal maintence items . Seating is comfortable and very spacious compared to a few other hot tubs that I was looking at at the time. Operating costs are minimal at about $ 40.00 a month which is fine in my opinion being in Ontario.

Only major item that I replaced is my Hard Cover which was my fault. Ordered from an online company " Northern Hot Tub Covers" . Cover looks better than the one that I original received.

Enjoy your tub !


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You might have gotten more responses by starting a new topic with your questioninstead of posting on to the tail end of a 9 years old thread that really has nothing to do with what you are asking.

The manual for the self cleaning hot tubs (which the 1038 is) are on the Hydropool site


However, it seems that you want a service manual. My suggestion is to contact Hydropool or a dealer and see if either can help you. Service manuals are not normally supplied to end users.

@RDspaguy, @CanadianSpaTech any other ideas or info?

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15 hours ago, Kent Nicholson said:

Does this information just not exist?

Not that I know of.

10 hours ago, waterbear said:

You might have gotten more responses by starting a new topic


We are all volunteers here, and usually won't read through a long thread in order to answer a question. Too many questions and not enough volunteers. If a thread has alot of replies already, I don't even open it. 

10 hours ago, waterbear said:

other ideas or info?

Start a thread of your own. Detail the problem or question you have, and include pics of your equipment area, circuit board, and wiring diagram so we can see what you've got.

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Hydropool 495 spa
I tried to take the side panel off with no success, removed all the lift on that side and all screws. the panel came loose except for the top portion where the panel meets the plastic chromed lip of the hot tub.
Any ideas how to get it off?

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