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Help With First Hot Tub Purchase - Marquis Spirit Or Hotsprings Jetsetter


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I'm purchasing my first hot tub. I've researched for awhile and based on size desired, dealer availability and cost have narrowed down to the Marquis Spirit or the HotSprings Jetsetter. Both of these are 3/4 person tubs, which is all I need.

- I've wet-tested the Spirit and like it. I've found posts here and elsewhere about the Jetsetter but haven't wet-tested yet. Though I haven't wet-tested both yet, comments lead me to believe the jets on the Spirit are more what I'm looking for - there are low-back jets and leg jets on the Spirit, which the Jetsetter doesn't have.

- I've read that I should look for a tub with a circulation pump, which the Jetsetter does have; the Spirit has "one HP120 dual speed, 120GPM jet pump and "ConstantClean in-line sanitation system". (Is this the same thing?)

- The Spirit has 1 filter; the Jetsetter has 3. Is more better, as far as filters go?

- The Jetsetter has an optional ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System. Would this be worth the extra cost?

- I've checked both dealers on BBB and neither appears red-flagged. Though I don't particularly care for the car dealer-type hounding, I've been discouraged by the lack of pursuit by either dealer. We've discussed price and availability at the Marquis dealer, but I have to contact them for any update or follow-up. The Hotsprings dealer has never requested contact information, though I've visited twice. Just seems a bit weird. If they don't care about the business, how is the customer service after the sale?

- I checked at Tradecertified to see if the dealers were listed as "Certified" Spa Dealers and/or "Certified" Spa Service providers. Only the HotSprings dealer was listed as "Certified" as a dealer; neither was listed as certified spa service. Should I be concerned about this? Especially since there were no dealers listed as certified spa service?

What am I missing? Can someone give me any tips on making the final decision? Any pros/cons to Marquis vs HotSprings as far as the manufacturers standing behind their products? Thanks!

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Hi, although Marquis has re-designed their Spirit model in 2012, I can tell you that I love my 2011 Marquis Spirit that I have now been enjoying for a year and several days. There are quite a few differences between the two years models though. The in line sanitation system is not a 24/7 circulation pump. As a whole, the Marquis don't offer circulation pumps (that I am aware of anyways). They do have quite a bit of information on their website, and you can also pull up the owners manuals to get more info on how each system in their tubs work. As far as the number of filters, my 2011 Spirit has 2 filters, but I did see that they reduced that to one on this years model. Also, just to let you know, the smaller amount of water in the tub, more monitoring the water will need. Not a bad thing, just want you to be aware. (My Spirit is listed at 165 gallons, though I know the new model is larger, which would help in the maintenance).

As for the Jets, I really enjoy them in my tub. I have been in other tubs and end up feeling a bit bruised if they are at full strength, but in the Spirit, they are strong, but not abusive. I can enjoy them on low speed or high, and feel relaxed, not as though I am fighting with them.

I did try the jetsetter, and it just wasn't a good fit for me. The quality was wonderful, and it came in as #2 in my search, but I didn't fit well in it, and really didn't care for the moto massage at all. I believe that you will know the right tub when you try it, so be sure to wet test any tub you may have an interest in.

Good luck in your search, and pay attention to your gut instincts too. Go with what is comfortable, both in the tub, and at the dealership. I visited 7 different tub dealerships in my search, and several I felt very uncomfortable at, while others were very welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in my search, though I will say that I never received the "Car Dealer" attitude from any of them. Most sincerely said that it is a very personal decision, and they would not pressure anyone into buying what may not be the right tub for them.

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I have a 2010 Jetsetter and love it. The moto massage is great for my lower back pain. Very cheap to run and I keep it at 104, it is hooked up to 220 volt. I will tell you this, if it states 3-4 people, well the jetsetter is only comphy with two, three would be very tight and you would lose alot of water going over sides, then be low when just one using. Its great for me, its just me and my wife, no partys here,lol.

Skip the salt generator and use the diclor/ bleach method, very easy to do and is very easy on the wallet.

Hope this helps you and wet test.


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