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Is This Bullfrog 552 A Good Deal?

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jcharbo    0

Hi everyone, I've seen lots of great answers here so I'm looking forward to getting some knowledgeable help. I'm looking at a 2008 floor model bullfrog 552ss. It's got the circulation pump, cover, and ozonator as well. It's been sitting in the showroom since 2008. Does $8700 sound like a good price? BTW, it comes with the full warranty.

thanks in advance,


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I know for $8700 I could get a lot of good new 2012 spas but I don't know Bullfrog well enough to know how much a 2012 version of that exact spa would cost. That would tell us a lot. It would have to be a very good deal relative to brand new 2012 for me to take 4 year old showroom spa.

I would also call Bullfrog (the manufacture, not the dealer) and make sure the warranty is still fully intact. Usually this is not an issue for floor models but floor models are RARELY 4 years old so I'd want to hear from them that the clock hasn't started yet because I've heard of situations where a manufacturer has a point at which the clock starts if the dealer is holding onto a floor model for an inordinately long time which I’d consider 4 years to be.

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