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Promblem Opening Green Pool

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Pool: In ground, concrete lined

Capacity: 50,000 liters

Filter: Sand (not sure of make)

Test Kit: DPD/Phenol tabs for chlorine/ph + dip sticks (best i've got)

Local Water: Hard

First off i Know i need a decent kit but I haven't been able to find a decent kit here in the UK for a sensble price. THis is the best i have for now.

When I opened it up:

Having taken the winter cover off (just a leaf cover really) the pool was green. When I first did this the water was pretty clear but there looked to be green algae on the bottom. Since I netted out some leaves etc a couple of weeks ago the water has been green. The pump has been running 24/7 since. Currently I can see about 3 steps down into the water.

1 week ago:

After testing the water about 1 week ago the pH was off the scale (over 8.2). Over the period of a few days I added about 4kg of ph minus (i think it is Sodium Bisulphate). Until the pH was down to 7.6. I've been backwashing every other day or so to stop the filter getting clogged.

4 days ago:

With the pH down to 7.6 i added 20 litres of 14-15% Sodium Hypochlorite.

After this i was expecting the pool to go a nice milky colour indicating dead algae. It has however remained the same. Since then i've re-shocked a couple of times with chlorine granules (about 10ppm at least) and added sopme copper based algaecde. The pool looks no different.

Using the crappy dip sticks the results for TA and CYA were:

Total Alkalinity: 100 (AquaChek result)

Stabalizer/CYA: 40 (AquaChek result)

I'me going to rty and get a prioper test done by a pool store but for the mean time (the next few days) this is the best I have.

Am i doing something wrong? What should I do in the meantime? I can continue to shock with either stabalized granules or liquid chlorine.

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The foggies are likely debris on the bottom that needs to be vacuumed out. I used the Waste setting on the filter most of the time I have this condition. I am pretty sure anything alive was killed when you shocked it. If you have to, vacuum blind.

Remember that when on Waste, the water level will drop pretty quickly so perfection is not key but quantity is. Getting the vast majority will help a lot. You can go back later with normal vacuuming to get the spots you missed, especially if your were vacuuming blind.


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