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Older Sunrise Spa Question


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Hello all,

I am a new member here and thought I would post my question here.

I purchased a used Sunrise hot tub from someone, it looks to be a year 2000 model. The factory said it was replaced with the "Equinox" model of today. When went to look at the hot tub everything seemed to be working okay but some of the jets weren't really pumping that hard, some with hardly any air coming out. The pumps look new on this unit and not 12 years old.. There is one big blower jet on the bottom that is about 8" in diameter that works real well so I know the pump is working. This unit is also missing some jets from the bottom. A couple of the back massage ones and both of the ones that aim at your feet in the lounger part. My question is, with these jets missing would that not allow full force to reach the other jets? My thought is having them missing wouldn't allow for equal back pressure.

Regarding the air coming out all the jets, I'm not sure. The pump works, all the air valves are open and selector valves are also in the correct place. When I saw it, the seller may have just filled it too so there may have been an airlock someplace but the pump part is great, just not getting air to all the jets. I took the side panel off to look at it, I did notice that there is a large flexible pipe just hanging down along the inside facing the bottom of the tub. Looks like that white pipe thats used on a clothes dryer exhaust, plastic over a spiral wire type thing. I didn't know if that was supposed to just be hanging down open to atmosphere or attached. Its like a 4" diameter hose.

But I really just wondered if this was just a jet problem, with some missing causing a problem with equal distribution among the jets. Or do those air valves/selector valves ever really fail?

Thanks so much !!

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Each spa jet works as a venturi, with the water drawing the air in from a manifold that feeds a bank of jets, if any one of the jets does not draw air properly, then water flows backwards into this manifold, reducing or eliminating the air to the remaining jets, and reducing felt pressure.

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Many thanks for all the feedback, one more question...

Being as old as this unit is, year 2000, with a model code "959" written on the tag outside, would the jets for the newer models fit into this older unit? I'm trying to get my hands on a manual or something for this unit. I've contacted Sunrise but haven't heard back yet. I'd like to replace a lot of the jets as they're looking kind of old and have some scaling on them. I've noticed the flaky white scale around the filters.

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