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Jandy Lrze Won't Stay Lit


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Hi All, I am a new member and in need of some help.

I have a 2 year old Jandy LRZE 250 natural gas heater, wired for 220V, that will not stay lit.

The problems began the first year of use, just after the warranty expired and have continued to worsen.

The igniter glows bright orange, the gas valve energizes and the heater lights for 3 seconds then turns off.

This cycle continues 3-4 times then I receive an error message "Ign Fault"

Eventually the heater will light, but this can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

I have read through the formuforums and found the flame sensors are problematic. I inspected the flame sensor rod. It appeared a bit crusty, so I cleaned it. No help. I noticed the wire attached to the flame sensor had several broken strands, so I replaced it to no avail.

I have read elsewhere the ignition control box is a common problem, which was also replaced, with no improvement.

I had the plumber who installed the gas line check the gas pressure. He "says" it is within specifications. I was not present when the test was done so I do not have numbers.

I have inspected the heater for debris which may restrict airflow, as noted in the user manual. No restrictions were found.

Any thoughts?


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The older Jandy units had this problem and it was due to bad grounding wires. Look at all the green wires in there and also make sure the is a bonding wire on the outside jacket. Alsotry bending the flame sensor down just a bit. If it to far away it won't work.

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