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waterbear    0

For starters posting a full set of test results NOT done with strips. We need free chlorine. combined chlorine, pH , total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and CYA (cyanuriic acid or stabilizer). If you have black algae it usually means one of two things, either the pool was run for a long time at too low free chlorine has had too much stabilizer for a while.

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Seahunt    0

Ok. I will post results when I can but the pool is not yet open. As for last year, I tried to raise FC every day to 10% of of CYA. My CYA ran from 40 at the beginning of the year to around 80/90 when I closed it. Does this sound correct?

For eliminating the black algea, what is the best method? I've heard it is quite a fight. I'm thinking the brushing and laying trichlor right on the spot (since it is on the botton at the deep end) might be the best method.

Thanks again. Will be opening the pool first of May.

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