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Need Help Tracking Down Leaks On A 40+ Year Pool

Bob Crane

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The Pool -

  • Concrete bowl, fiberglass panel sides
  • 20x40 oval shaped in ground. 3' shallow, 10' deep.
  • Two jet returns fed from one line
  • One working skimmer, one dead skimmer
  • Bottom Drain
  • DE Filter

The problem -

  • Loses water all summer long.
  • Each fall we drain down to first step and leave for summer. Last two years it self drained over a period of six years passed the walls exposing the first few inches of the bowl.

Other symptoms.

  • If we pull from drain (and not skimmer) we lose A LOT less water.
  • The returns are spitting out a fine, pale (tan) sandlike substance that collects near the spray pattern.
  • Also, sizeable cracks and even some concrete missing in the shallow end of the bowl. Though the water stops draining before it gets to these.

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