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Blinking Red Light On Hot Springs Spa


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I also have a blinking red light issue. I have a Hot Springs Jetsetter-JQ. It's probably over 10 years old. I got it in 2007. I've had no problems until this month. It started with the spa getting into the blinking red light mode intermittently. I replaced the water and put in brand new filters. That did not fix the problem. I talked to my local dealer earlier this week. He suggested that my circulation pump may be starting to go bad. I left the system in the blinking red light state until today where I could look behind the panel in daylight. The first thing that I did today was to reset the GFI to reset the heater high limit thermostat, and discovered a brand new symptom. Now the red light starts to blink immediately (within 2 seconds). Before today, it would stay lit for at least a minute or two - sometimes for days. The second thing that I did was remove the cover from the Q2000 control unit and checked voltages (ps. configured for 120v). Power is going to the circulation pump, but nothing else. The third thing I that I did was tap on the circulation pump, and it did start making a chirping noise and I saw a slight water disturbance, so I do believe my silent-flo pump is indeed going bad. But I don't think that explains why the red power light now blinks immediately upon power. I also tried disconnecting the control panel power leads that goes to the heater (no-fault 6000), but with no effect. I'm not sure what to do next; in reading above it sounds like my thermistor might now be bad. Is that a component on the main circuit board?

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Ok, so I plan to replace the circ pump. The good news: good Youtube videos on replacing the pump.

Bad news: On the Hot Springs Jetsetter, the circ pump is mounted behind the heater and underneath the control unit. Does anyone know which item needs to be removed to gain access for circ pump replacement? I assume at a minimum, I have to remove the heater first, but the back mounting screws of the heater look very difficult to get to because of the control unit.

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