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Winterizing Kits - Floating Oxidizing Tablets

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This is for a vinyl liner pool that will be closed from October to April. (Six plus months)

Most winterizing kits have the same type of stuff in them.

Some sort of Algae fighter.

Some Metal Out stuff.

Some powder "Non-Chlorine" Oxi Shock.

And maybe a Floating "Slow-Dissolving" winter Oxidizing Tablets.

I've read that the "Non-Chlorine" shock was the best for a vinyl lined pool. (Will not fade the liner) Is this true?

I also read somewhere that these winterize kits are good if the pool is closed for only about 4-5 months.

What is the correct way to extend the time frame of it being closed? (Six Months) Will the "Floating Slow-Dissolving Winter Oxidizing" canister

help with this? They say to just let it float in the pool under the winter mesh cover. I'm afraid that it will harm the vinyl liner if it stays next to the wall of the pool for most of the winter season. Should I place a string on it so it stays in the center of the water area?

Does anyone have any "Reviews" on using this type of "Wintering Kit" in the past years? Green pool in the spring?


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Use a solid cover to keep the light out and you will open clear and algae free. I only use liquid chlorine and Poly60 algaecide when I close a pool.

Tabs dissolve and the chlorine sinks and sits. I never use floaters.


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