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Pump #2 Works On High Speed, Dosent' Work On Low Speed.

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Hey everyone,

Got a problem with my 2000 Arctic Cub. My #2 pump dosen't engage in low speed, but when I press the panel button to engage the pump into high speed it works. So I got no low speed but I got high speed. I have replaced the control panel and circuit board in the last year and a half. Is there anyway to trouble shoot this to see if it is a board problem or a motor problem? I understand if I swap two wires (?Red and Black) on the motor connection then I can see if the motor engages the low speed and won't on the high speed, meaning it would be a board problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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That's a good test to determine whether the motor is still good or not. If it turns out that your motor low speed is still good, then the board relay is faulty or it's being disabled.

I see that Artic Spas currently uses Gecko's Aeware control system. Is the control sytem in your 2000 model also from Gecko or Spa Builders? If so, check the PCB for a lit red LED. If it's on, then your hi-limit sensor tripped which would disable your low speed.

Reset the power to the spa to see if the red LED will go off. If it doesn't, then you could have a bad sensor/wire/connection.

If it does but comes back, then your heater could be getting too hot due to inadequate flow or it's staying on when it should be off (bad board).

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Please contact the Arctic Spas Technical support team.

They are very knowledgeable and would love to get your spa running properly.


Shane S.




ext. 322

You can also contact him by email


I hope you fine this information helpful :)

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So to update my pump #2 problem!! I opened up my spa, swapped the pump plugs on my circut board to see if it was my control panel or circuit board causing this problem. Lo and behold my pump #1 works fine when plugged into Pump #2 outlet, and my Pump #2 still has no low speed when plugged into my Pump #1 outlet. So I deduce that it is something with my pump. I pulled it out and took it to the Arctic dealer in my area. He couldn't figure out either what is causing this pump to not work on low speed. He had plugged it into one of his test tubs and the pump did the same thing, no low speed, high speed works fine. The only thing I saw, was that the capicator housing had cracked a bit, and the metal ring in the bottom of the capacitor had slipped out. The dealer said the capicator was ok, it was reading a bit "low"? But shouldn't be causing this problem.

Could this whole problem be as simple as it is the cord itself? The low speed wire or plug is damaged or broken somewhere along the line and that is why I have no low speed?

Thanks in advance!!

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