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Aqua Pure 1400 Does Not Work

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Ok so I have seen other threads on this but no solution: I have a aqua pure 1400 it use to show the water temp and salinity but now it only shows the salinity in boost mode. In normal operation it had 00 on the readout and says wait and the led cell reversing lights up. If I put it in boost with the handheld it will show me the salinity on the hand held and on the main board the led cell on. I have replaced the flow meter maybe that is why it is working in boost now with the old one I did not notice it working in boost but it might of been. No error code just wait and led cell reversing and 00. I also turned off the power for a time to reboot it took out the 9v and everything. Unplugged the 4 wire connector in the right corner of the board. Is it time to call someone out, I have not done that because he wants $125 just to come out and I am worried that it is going to be this giant about for parts. I already spent 200 on just the flow sensor should I just by chlorine, I do have a supplemental inline chlorinator that I use during the 110 days and the generator can not keep up.

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try cleaning the sensors per manufacturer's instructions. if that doesn't work then the sensor is probably bad. try to collect some water from immediately after the cell and test for chlorine to see if the cell is producing. if not, the cell is probably bad.

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