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Milky water

Guest Chell

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I have just about give up, my pool is a 24 foot round and the water was clear however, after a week-end of rain it turned green. I put five packs of shock-it in the pool and now it is WHITE. It looks like a big glass of Milk. When I test it it show my chlorine level 3.0 just a little high and the ph level is between 7.6 and 7.8. I have no idea what to do now! Please Help!

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Take a sample of water to your local pool dealer. It's impossible to tell what the other factors are without a test. It sounds like you have too much calcium, which you added to by using shock (calcium hypochlorite).

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this will solve your problem. when you kill the algae it leaves behind dead material that is to small for the filter to take out. my first choice is to use a water clairifier,

the best is robarb super blue, you mix with water and add to the pool, it might take a couple of doses.

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Chell, don't use super shock or shock products that have calcium. Sally was right, just use ultra, unscented bleach and pour it right in while pump is on. It is sodium hypochlorite, not calcium, so it raises the pH somewhat. A good clarifier may speed up the process, but you don't need it. Just keep the pump ON and soon you'll be polar bear skinny dippin' in cold crystal clear water ;^)

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