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Question Re: Inlet Hose/connection

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We recently installed an intex pool with a sand filter. It's 24 X 52. We attempted to get the pool on ground that was as level as possible, but it's not perfect. Our question is this. While the pool outlet/strainer is well under water, the pool inlet nozzle is not. We prefer not to have the pool completely filled as we have a few kids who can't quite touch when we do have it full. Does the inlet nozzle have to be covered by water? Since this is where the water is coming back into the pool after running thru the filter, we weren't sure. We know that the outlet has to be completely covered by water to ensure the filter motor doesn't burn out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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I'm a bit confused by inlet and outlet- I'm not sure if you mean inlet to pump, or inlet to the pool. I typically refer to the port that takes water into the pump as the inlet or intake, and the nozzle pumping the water back into the pool as the outlet or return nozzle.

The intake to the pump via the skimmer needs to have water freely flowing into it to provide adequate water to the pump and filter. The pump should not be starved for water.

The nozzle from the pump back to the pool does not NEED to be under water. FWIW, it is desireable as this flow helps circulate and move the water in the pool back into the filter. But no damage to the pump or or pool would occur, but water quality may suffer. I usually like to direct the water nozzle so that the water comming to the pool to create a "sweeping current" to help move debris into the filter.

Hope that helps.

Updated thoughts: you said the intake to pump was completely underwater? The ideal situation is the have the water line be about 1/2 halfway up the inlet so that surface debris will be skimmed off of the surface.

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Also...how much difference/slope is there from one side of the pool to the other?

I'm not very familiar with the INTEK pools, but if the slope is several inches, (enough where the skimmer is under water and the return nozzle is above water) I would be concerned of the pool frame letting go. ???

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I have a bestway above ground pool with filter, just the basic filter it came with. I know one side where it sucks the water in needs to be underwater obviously. But the outlet, where the water it coming BACK INTO THE POOL, is that supposed to be under water or is the water level supposed to be below this??? I can’t find anywhere that tells me this. It means pool isn’t as full as I would like it to be

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