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Sundance Cameo Or Vita Rendezvous Or Other?


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I've been wet-testing tubs recently and have found each one is different from what I expected. This will be a replacement for my 1993 coleman horizon 400. A lounger and killer foot jets were high on my list. My budget has gone from 5K to over 7K as the process has unfolded.

The 1st wet-test was a Vita Cabaret which was ok. Then I tested the Vita Rendezous. No lounger, but a great tub with some extremely powerful jets and some nice chairs that give a lighter massage . Unfortunately the quote on that tub is about $3500 more than the budget.

Next up were Sundance tubs. 1st up was the Optima and the Bahia. The power of the Bahia was amazing. The footdome therapy jet was the best tested yet! I've been locked in on the Cameo since a local dealer has a leftover 2005 on the floor that supposedly has never had water in it. That will take me into the 7K range - the top of my price range. I wet-tested a Maxxus which is similar, but really want a cameo test before buying. The dealer claims no one will have a cameo on the floor with water and doesn't seem willing to put water in this "floor" model.

The cameo has a majority of reviews that are very positive and looks like a lot for the $$$. Vita doesn't have as much feedback from owners available. Any thoughts on these tubs or others in the 6-7 K range would be appreciated.


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The cameo is a great tub, but I wouldn't recommend buying it without wet testing. My dealer has a wet and dry cameo on the floor and will fill any tub in his store. I'd tell the dealer it's a no deal unless you can test it out. Does it come with ozone, lifter, steps, start up chems and delivery or are those additional?

BTW, I'm 5'10" and the lounger fits me perfectly in the cameo, most comfortable lounger I tested.

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Tell him to fill it! When we can keep one in stock we always have a Cameo or Optima with water. If we don't and someone wants to wet test it we fill it.

I'm about 5'9" 1/2. Sat in a dry cameo and the seats felt great. The lounger foot jets were a couple of inches from my feet.

Wet tested a Maxxus which is similar in many ways to a cameo, but doesn't have the 3 whirlpool jets for the feet. I'm very curious about the power of the whirlpool jets. The optima and maxxus whirlpool jets were not as strong as expected. The turbo jet in the footdome of the bahia was phenomenal! That's what I want in the cameo!

The local dealer is a chain in the Chicago area. They have 1 2005 cameo with cover, lift, steps and delivery -setup for $7500 including taxes. I've been to 2 of their stores and they had an optima or maxxus filled. They claim that none of their stores will ever have a cameo available for a wet test.

At this point I'm ready to tell the dealer to fill the cameo for a test or I will have to look elsewhere.

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I'm very curious about the power of the whirlpool jets. The optima and maxxus whirlpool jets were not as strong as expected. The turbo jet in the footdome of the bahia was phenomenal! That's what I want in the cameo!

Perhaps the air injection was turned on in the Bahia but off in the Cameo. The whirlpool jets in the Cameo should have a knob to adjust how much air is put into them -- find out which knob it is and make sure it's turned fully open. Also check that the diverter for the whirlpools is turned fully to them. The whirlpool jets in my Optima are very strong when set this way....

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I agree with pg, pl2001 having wet-tested an Optima myself. I am also from the Chicago area and know the dealer you are talking about. IMO, they are not very responsive or cooperative dealer in terms of satisfying requests from prospective clients. Case in point, I had written off the Sundances for my own reasons, but was interested in a CalSpa (another line they sell) Avalon series product. I was told bluntly they only sell 2 models for CalSpa and that they WOULD NOT even quote a price on any other model from them. I thought that attitude to be particularly odd and rigid, and thought that this was not the type of dealer I wanted to form a long term relationship with. So off I went and finally ended up purchasing an Arctic.

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