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Master Spa Lsx


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Enjoy your new LSX, jjk90. Not sure if you are our customer, but if you are you will be well taken care of. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Thanks Kreg, I actually purchased it from Nick. His location is a lot closer to Bloomfield. Should be in any day now.

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I just wanted to chime in to this forum after reading over all of the threads regarding Master Spas the last few days. I just want to throw my two cents out there for any potential buyers of there tubs. Out of all the links and threads on this forum I did not see one solid piece of fact as to why the build quality of a Master Spa is so less superior to some of the other top models. All I read was this is my opinion and there sales tactics are shady. What a bunch of garbage and I feel like I wasted hours of my time trying to find some shred of evidence to dissuade my decision to purchase another Master Spa. I would just like to say that if you are in the Metro Detroit area there are a couple very good local dealers that will be happy to sell and service a tub that you purchase from them. I purchased an LS700 seven years ago from one of the local dealers here and have never had one problem with the tub what so ever, not one! I take that back...the light burned out on my fiber optic lighting system. tongue.gif Over the past winter my family and I were out of town for a couple of weeks and we had a power outage that somehow tripped the breaker on the tub. Needless to say we came home to a frozen tub and to make a long story short my insurance company is buying me a new one. I have always purchased my chemicals from the same local dealer that I purchased the tub from and they gave me a very good deal on a new LSX. biggrin.gif I honestly came on to this sight, after doing a Google search, to see if the new Master Spas are as good as my old one and all I could come up with is borderline childish bickering about tub x being better than Master Spa, agian with out one piece of evidence backing up there claim. I would just like to tell any potential Master Spa buyer to make sure that there is good dealer support in your area and don't be fooled by any of the jargon on the internet.

Looking forward to the delivery of my new LSX. Very interested to see how the Solar powered circulation pump works out. cool.gif

can you tell me what size are the pumps in the LSX? I just bought a twilight 7.2 and it keeps heating up, without the heater on. example I have it set at 96 within hour its up to 99 I have to get out. I was told its the frictions of the pumps. they changed everything in the tub and its brand new. im getting ready for a refund. but I was going to go with the LSX the sales people talked me out of it. the twilight pumps are 6amps and there are two of them. I know you have 4 pumps can you tell me what size and dose this happen with you.. thanks..

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