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Trouble Shooting Nature Soft/gold Line Controls

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elevatorman    0

We recently purchased a home with a built in pool that has Salt system on it. It has worked excellent except for having to replace the flow switch last summer. It is a Nature Soft/GoldLine Control system. Recemtly it has develpoed a problem. No power LED when pump is running. I verified that it does have power (220v) Possible burnt out LED. The flow LED will go out after start up and the Generate LED comes on for @ 5 seconds then goes out. Switching to Super Chlorinate does nothing (No LED). The system is not making chlorine. Any help with his would be great. Part numbers for boards are Power Board #= 132603G /Display Board #= 132604.

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I am getting the same exact symptoms from my Goldline Aqua-Rite. Have you fixed your problem?

What did it take?

I'm beggining to suspect the PCB Board is shot. There is a dark black spot at the solder of the round component in the top right corner of the circuit board (SL32-2R025 25A 2Ohm Current Limiter), it is next to the control lead connectors.

But I think the original culprit was a shorted wire from the flow control sensor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Spudman80    0

I have just encountered the exact scenario on my goldline control PCB 132603: black at the SL32-2R025 25A 2 ohm limiter. I am certain it was due to a short in the flow switch/indicator line coming into the board (the telephone line from switch to control panel had a shirt in connector).

So question is, can you buy the limiter? If so, Where?

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