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Please Learn From My Mistakes And Medical Bills.

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Hello, I just found this thread while researching how to get a smelly jacuzzi tub clean. It smells absolutely awful and it didn’t take me long to figure out that the problem is biofilm. I’ve tried two products I bought on Amazon that claim to work on biofilm. Neither have worked. Can someone tell me which chemicals to use, what temperature water, with what frequency and in what order? I’m in Germany so I’m not sure I’ll have access to the same brands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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On 2/10/2011 at 2:37 PM, Itchy and Scratchy said:

Waterbear, This tub has me a bit scared. I think the biofilm issue is cleared up but who know since I cant see the plumbing. I am going to do another round of decontamination. I want to hit it hard, how long could I leave the superchlorinated water in the tub? I was planing to spa flush - superchlorinate -spa flush again. Maybe overkill but I want peace of mind. I am not useing the tub again untill I get my taylor kit and all 3 step supplies.

Any advice would be appreciated, have pity on a misinformed newbie. Time to drop the ears with antibiotics again. Itchy and Scratchy.

I have been sent to ER Hospitals for companies such as Best Western who were not truthful when I asked if they only use Chlorine.  They, replied, yes, but I got terrible rashes and constantly itchy and to the point it made me lose some of my hair due to the over scratching and scabs it made.  I currently, still have a dry scalp which is itchy from time to time, but what can I do.  I mean I tried every product and nothing really worked.  Pine Tar, Head & Shoulders, Tea Tree, Blue Dry Scalp products, which only made my scalp drier and upsetting me more.  I went to a skin doctor and got needle shots into my scalp and that did not help either.  Best Western gave me a lot of grief to return the money I paid.  I had paid $500.00 and they only returned $400.00 I found this problem out on the first day that I was there.  Yet, it took them over a year to refund only my partial payment with my doctor's note and everything.  My eye doctor said I got "Pink Eye" from the chemicals and in additional skin rashes making me feel uncomfortable and itchy all over.  Not a very good experience.  When my husband and I went to PA, I also ended up in ER at the hospital just for using their pool for a short period of time, like less than one day and surely not more than a half an hour.  My tongue was swollen and I was plug in with all antibotics and benedril and creams.  It was a terrible experience when it could have been an enjoyable experience.

Your daughter is thankful for her health, because my Mom always said, "If you don't have your health, You have nothing."  Good Luck and my advice is to STAY AWAY FROM BROMINE IT IS NOT A GOOD CHEMICAL TO COMBINE WITH CLORINE.  CLORINE ALL BY ITSELF IS OKAY, BUT NOT COMBINED.



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I am new to the forum. Lots of info! Thank you!!

I have a new ecospa 230 gallons. It has an ozone generator. We like to use it everyday. We are a family of 4.

I do not know much about maintenance, so this forum is really helpful. The sales guy told be to just use the "eye test" which is just to look at the water and if it's cloudy put some chlorine granules in... a couple tablespoons.

I was led to believe that the maintenance was super simple.. I am finding out that there is more to maintenance.

So recently the tub has begun to smell and looks a little yellowish. I shocked it a few days ago and the yellow and smell are back again.

I am a newbie, so be gentle with me. I see that others have recommended the taylor kit. 

What else do you recommend... especially based on the yellow smelly water?


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When we first got our hot tub 6 girls got in the week of prom. Didn’t know they were all covered in fake tan. Oh my goodness did this create a headache and serious confusion. When we finally figured it out we had to fill and drain 5 times using purge each time. We have not had a single issue since. We use the chlorine tabs in the little floater thing and occasionally add a shot glass of PH Up. We Purge and deep clean 3-4 times a year. 

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