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Hydro Spa Model?


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I have a a Hydro Spa that has one lounge position and two seats,

it has a Balboa Spa Pack.

I'm tring to find the model and a manual for the whole tub.

Thank You



Try to contact Premium Leisure. That's the company that the was formed from the remnants of HydroSpa. They may be able to help, although I've heard from others that they prefer to distance themselves from the old HydroSpa products.

Also, there was a poster on this forum named Alan Vasicek (I may be spelling this wrong) that was ex-Hydro and current Premium Leisure that was quite helpful to Hydro owners. His handle was avasicek, I believe. If you can find him perhaps you can send an email.

I had a Hydro. Really a great running tub... just fantastic. Good components, too. But the build quality on mine left quite a bit to be desired. By that I mean the shell, cabinet and the overall fit/finish and workmanship quality was very rough. Still, the thing ran great.

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Old thread I know but I'm hoping Dr. Spa can help me out. I just recently purchased a Hydro Spa tub & need any & all information I can get. The model # on the metal tag is SUXX157D9CHI. Google search turns up nothing. If you need I can post the pictures I have. Thank you for any & all help. James

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