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Dichlor Then Bleach And 24 Hr. Circ Pumps


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I've been using dichlor in my hot tub for the past year with no issues, but I'm thinking of switching to the Dichlor then Bleach method.

We have a little 300 gallon Hotspring tub (24 hour circ. pump). We also have a neighbor who complains about hot tub noise. We agreed to not turn on the jets after 10pm. This makes adding dichlor after soaks difficult since we often use the tub after 10. SO.... if we are adding liquid bleach and disperse is around the tub, could we get away with NOT turning on the jets and letting the circ. pump mix the water? This way we can add sanitizer after late night soaks without pissing off the neighbor. Also, could someone send an in-depth link to the Dichlor then Bleach method?


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