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Swirl Away Question

hottub mom

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A couple of months ago I tried swirl away. I followed the directions on the bottle but wasn't having a lot of success so I tried more of the product as I have a fairly large hot tub and I was wondering maybe I just wasn't using enough. Finally I did get a bunch of stuff out. Since then every time I run my pumps I get little off-white chunks floating in my water and they get into my filter.Has anybody else had this experience? It is rather frustrating as I have to constantly clean my filters.Is it stuff coming out of the pipes? This was the first time I cleaned the pipes and the tub is 4 years old. use it almost daily.


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Don't know how helpfull I can be but I did have the same issue with a tub I was cleaning out using swirl away. The tub had been running for about 2 months at a customers. I brought it back for a service and used swirl away to clean the lines out. After flushing this out and filling with fresh water the spa ran over nighgt, the next day I had a load of white flakes from the lines in the footwell and caught in the filter, it's basically bio film from the pipework.

After draining the water for a second time and giving the filter a good clean, the water was fine, I only got a small amount of flakes caught in the filter.

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Did you run the pumps overnight? I have changed my water 2 or 3 times already but this stuff keeps showing up every time I am in my tub and run my jets and I am getting to where I don't want to use the jets but I want to get rid of the source of the problem.I have not had any luck finding any info online.

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The chunks could be calcium carbonate. What do the chunks look like? What do they feel like? Try putting them in some vinegar to see if they will dissolve.

What are all of your chemical readings?

Free chlorine

Combined chlorine


Total alkalinity


Cyanuric acid


Note: Swirl Away contains surfactants, trisodium phosphate, tetrasodium iminodisuccinate and sodium bicarbonate.

Ingredients.................................... CAS#................ Wt%....... ACGIH-TLV

SURFACTANT BLEND............... NAV............... 3 - 7............ NONE

TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE....... 7601-54-9......... 3 - 7........... NAV


TETRASODIUM SALT........... 144538-83-0....... 3 – 7............. NAV

SODIUM BICARBONATE..... 144-55-8.............. 5-10............. NAV


[edit]The link for the MSDS might not work. Possibly a temporary issue?[end edit]

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bromine will also leave white flakes, if you used bromine for 4 years, then cleaned the plumbing, it could just be continueing to disslodge, PH wont effect the bromine flakes much, 9it is salt residue) and time will take it out. We suggest swirl away on a yearly basis so that the "gunk" does not build up as much.

As quantum states, knowing all your water stats will help in deciding what it could be and what to do

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