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Hydrotherapy For Physcial And Neurological Injuries


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I realize that this type of forum can't substitute for professional medical advice, but knowing that many folks use spas as a way of helping their various aches and pains, I thought I'd see what everyone had to say about our situation.

My fiance suffered several physical injuries (broken T5/T6 vertebra, left hand, facial bones, bilateral jaw fracture) as well as a traumatic brain injury (aka TBI) after going over the handlebars of her mountain bike back in March. She is doing quite well considering the nature of her injuries, but has some chronic pain now - mainly in her back and in her left arm, as well as some numbness in her arm (possibly neurologic-related circulatory issues?). She also suffers from muscle spasms in her arms and legs - most likely due to her TBI. Since we do not have a tub in our house (can you believe that?) we are considering investing in a spa (likely the HS Dynasty). We met with her neurologist last week and his response to our question about using a spa was concern about subjecting her body to excessive heat, adding that not much research has been done to determine one way or the other if this is a benefit or detriment to TBI rehabilitation. We will be meeting with her PCP in two weeks to get his opinion. My fiance recently tried a friend's spa one afternoon and was extremely happy with how good it made her arm feel and the overall sense of relaxation in general. In other words, SHE LOVED IT! One of the concerns I have is the Moto Massage feature of the HS spa. One seat has two rows...the other seat has one row, which is directly on the spine. Wet testing will help decide if this will hurt or help a back injury, but sitting for just a few minutes won't simulate the long-term affects of a massage like that.

Sorry for being so long-winded, but our question to all you fine poolspaforum folks is, does anyone with a TBI or back injury have any experience with spa therapy for their injuries or know of someone who has? Was it a worthwhile investment (can't imagine it wouldn't be) and did it help with your/their long-term rehabilitation? Given the price tag of these puppies, I'd hate to find out the hard way that this is a big no-no for her.

BTW - What a great forum this is...looking forward to hearing what people have to say.

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