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Sta Rite Heater Error Codes

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I have a Sta Rite Pool/ Spa Heater and the following happen when I try and start up my heater:

I press the on button and the display reads "Ad0" and then displays, "SF1" or 5F1" (can't tell).

Then all of the LED's on the display become illuminated and the display reads "180" and then quickly changes to "r 6"

Finally the system just turns off and does not start.

I do have water flowing into the heater and the gas line is connected with proper pressure.

Does anyone know what these error codes mean or what I need to fix?

Thanks for your help!

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Dumb question (but i gotta ask it) Are you turning on the heater at the heater? or are you turning it on by the automation (remote) you may have? If you are turning it on at the heater, the incoming water temp should be displayed after you get the revision display (R6).

You mentioned that the system turns off. Do you mean the display? Does the blower come on, then shut off??

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