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Pentair Clean And Clear Filter Leaking

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I've inherited a Pentair Clean and Clear filter with a new house, and it intermittently leaks. There's no rhyme or reason to it. The leaking is happening where the top of the filter housing meets with the bottom, around the band clamp. Since I've fixed the system pressure issue it's correspondingly become worse, which makes sense. What doesnt make sense is why it only happens intermittently. I've replaced the O-ring, tried varying amounts of lube, and varying levels of tightness when tightening the band lock. Can someone help me make sense of this? I left it in a sealed state a couple days ago, and when i returned on Sat, it was leaking. After an hour of fiddling with it on Sat, I got it to stop leaking, but there was nothing done noticeably different with each attempt to stop the system from leaking. If it helps, the leaking only takes place on the "sides" of the unit, inline with the pressure gauge and bleed valve. Also, though it seems to be molded into the housing, I dont understand why there are two channels in the threads on the sides of the housing. i dont know if this is where the leak is coming from, but it's around the area and the channels seem to serve any function.




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