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Marquis Epic Or La Spas Oasis?


deciding on a spa  

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  1. 1. Marquis Epic or LA Spas Oasis?

    • LA Spas Oasis
    • Marquis Spas Epic

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la spas -longer warranty period

artic wrap

lower dry weight - I move alot

filtration bags

air pump


marquis multilevel seating

more spacious, 125 gallons more

50 Amps

both seem to receive equal accolades/pros/cons on line. virtually same price.

your thoughts?

your thoughts are the only ones that matter. Which tub is more comfortable for you?

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Hi h2o - IMO, the LA has a better layout of seating and greater variety of jet configurations. Also, LA offers both full foam AND a Thermal Pane system which iI think is the Antarctic wrap you referred to (ie, foam around the perimeter) thereby allowing easier access to fix leaks and also affording more heat protection for your pumps in case of power outage. There is another thread from an LA owner who raves about the "gatlin gun" type foot jets that really sound terrific. I believe the Oasis has 2 of those in the footwell. Finally, the LA has reverse neck jets (either 1 or 2 seats have them) which I have been told offer great therapy for the neck and tops of shoulders. I don't believe the Marquis have them.

But in the end, you must wet test. Did you do that? If so, which one did you like better. Also to consider, which one offered more variety of feel per seat? Most people like moving from one to another with different sensations. I have not been in either so I can't advise on that. But I would go with the LA, especially if their warranty is better than Marquis. If you're going to keep the unit for a while, it will be worth it.

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I guess that I am biased becasue I own an LA tub and I was not impressed with the Marquis. But, in all honesty you need to test and make your descision on comfort. I highly recomend test as many models as you, even the ones you didnt like at all from day one. Some of the spas I thought that I wouldnt like were the ones I like most and vise versa. Remeber that it doesnt matter the value if your not comfortable. I bought the LA because I was most comfortable in it and I also thought that everything about the tub was great. I have had mine 10 months and I love it. No problems at all. Just dont base your opinion around which one of these complete strangers on here tell you to buy. Be your own judge and you cant go wrong.

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After months of researching all aspects of different spas, I narrowed down the search to Caldera, Jaquizzi,

Cal Spa, Sundance, and LA Spas. (two or three others also). 3 large important points to me were warrantee,

quality of parts, and quality of insulation. I read hundreds of posts from four or five different hot tub forums, dating back two to three years. I finally settled on LA Spas and bought one at the Anaheim, Ca. factory last November. I was especially impressed with their construction and how they insulated their spas; ie...single cell and arctic foam, bottom lining and so on. This was especially crucial because I was placing it on my back deck at my cabin in the San Bernadino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead. My mtn. house is 6,000 feet, so it does get very cold during the winter. We visit it on weekends, and I have been keeping it at 98 degrees 24/7. I just got my first electrict bill with the spa in for a full month. The temp. during the month of Dec. was averaging a low of 22-32 degrees and a high of no more than 42. The bill was only $ 40. w/ the average before I installed the spa $ 18-24 a month. So, I figure my LA Spa is only costing me 20.00 a month, at the most. Not bad. And, we just love the spa w/all the jets (feet, neck, etc...). The ozone pkg. keeps it nice and clear and clean when we come up. A great spa and would fully recommend LA Spas.

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