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That's very hard to estimate because it depends on so many factors:

  • Water temperature—is it steady, i.e., a heated pool which affects the rate of algae growth?
  • Swimmer load?
  • Anticipated maintenance and attention paid to the pool—infrequent pool care will require more chemicals?
  • Type of sanitation system used: Chlorine? Saltwater chlorine generator? Baquacil? Trichlor/dichlor tablets?
  • Type of pool: Vinyl? Fiberglass? Plaster/concrete/other?
  • Environment: Trees? Agricultural dust? Grass clippings?

From my own experience with a 13,000 above-ground pool, unheated, used daily by three large dogs and several adults, we go through approximately $75 in bleach per season. Our pool is open from April through October. The rest of the chemicals consist of baking soda or borax and some muriatic acid in quantities too small to track.

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