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My Hot Tub Is Driving My Neighbor Nuts!


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Hi Seabraight Sc.

I am in the same situation of your neighbors. I get hit right on mercilessly with the vibration generated by my neighbor's hot tub, despite my wall is separated by clear space from his hot tub about 25 m.

He is not fixing it despite he is very apologetic. Yes he does not hear it, but I do and it is quite disturbing. It is unfortunate to read stupid comments like "They sound like the kind of people that would complain that your electric can opener was too loud.".  It is truly life altering because it is not noise, it is a vibration that you cannot stop or do try some noise cancelling.

If you want to do what is right, put the hot tub on top concrete or on top of some rubber tires etc.


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It's funny to see all the people over the years who clearly found this thread through Google one sleepless night - some of these posts could have been written by me verbatim! (Especially the one who said she fantasized about sneaking into their back yard and cutting the cord - I have the same thoughts on particularly bad weeks)

Yes, count me as one of those neighbors who is getting less/worse sleep because of someone else's hot tub. I have tried moving my bed or sleeping on the couch, but the noise permeates the entire house. And of course they can't hear it from their house, so when I tried to raise the issue with them a few years back, they treated me like the early posters in this thread suggested, like I was crazy, stupid, lying, too sensitive, or all four 🙄 

I think they moved out and have new tenants at this point, so maybe I'll leave a note with some of this helpful info in this thread as suggestions. I don't have anything else to contribute but it was very cathartic to read other people at their wit's end with hot tub noise, so I hope this makes some future sleepless googler feel better at least!

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On 3/18/2010 at 2:24 AM, seabright_sc said:

We have these neighbors that have always been reasonable and not uptight. But they claim that when our hot tub is running is vibrating their house and they can hear it!

Here's the details:

We have an older hs prodigy 1 horse power. We run the jets for maybe 20-30 about 5 times per week. Usually we go in sometime between 9-11pm.

Our tub is right next to our house (2 feet away) on a deck that sits 18 inches off the ground. Their bedroom sits about 50 feet away on a second floor. No obstructions between my tub and their house except for a 6ft wood fence.

I've checked in with other neighbors, no one can hear it. We can barely hear inside our own house! They claim that it vibrates their whole house/bedroom in particular, and drives them nuts. They were cool about it, but definitely emphasized how major of a disturbance it is for them. The drone sound and vibration, etc.

I apologized and said that I won't turn on the jets after 9pm. They were cool with that and appreciative , but continued talk about how much of a nuisance it is.

I'm a friendly guy who understands the importance of getting along with neighbors. I kind of question how loud it really is for them (note: their windows are always closed). Regardless, is there any simple solution that will lesson the vibration/sound? I'm not going to stop using my tub or spend a ton of money on solutions. Moving my tub isn't an option.

any ideas or thoughts?



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2 minutes ago, Penny odell said:


I am now living next door to a hottub close to my house and fence the constant hum is driving me Insane when it's in use it's like so noisy but it's the constant hum that defies all efforts to insulate against Eve professional noise reduction earphones don't stop it they should be banned unless away from other people property

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Hi all

i have a similar issue with a hot tub my neighbours have installed. This is close to the fence on decking, I have given them an additional mat to stand the egg/pump on but the low frequency vibration which has got worse over the past year is driving us nuts at night. Our neighbours run the pump 24/7 so their is no break from the humming that echoes around our patio and bedroom.


Any thoughts on the next stage… 

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