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In Floor cleaning vs Polaris

Guest Dan Gould

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We had a Paramount PV3 in floor system installed in 2001 when we built our new pool. We couldn't be happier. Our pool is absolutely sparkling all of the time. There are no hoses or other gadgets floating around in the water.

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We have been extremely happy with our Paramount PV3 in floor system. Our pool has been sparkling for four years now. Highly recommend a well desigined system. It is all in the design of the layout.

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I am in Chicago and my pool builder is suggesting a built into the floor cleaning system rather than the polaris 480. Outside of the cost does this make sense?

The polaris blows away the infloor system. The company i work for has installed at least 50 of these infloor systems in the last 5 years and they do not work, period. many of the problems have never been resolved, even after visits from paramount factory service reps who certified that we installed the system correctly. They always fall back on "this system is 90% effective " that's a load. take 10% of the total surface area of your pool, cover it in dirt and spread it around. THAT'S PRETTY FILTHY.

Nothing beats a polaris 280,380,480, etc....

Polaris does have a new system called "dust & vac" it utilized infloor heads in just the steps and swimouts, and a traditional pressure side cleaner head for the majority of the floor. makes much more sense. They bought the old caretaker line of infloor systems.

the one thing the infloor does well is distribute heat. but you can just get regular infloor heating jets for that, no need to complicate it with control heads, etc...

If you want the infloor system, then make sure he plumbs in an auxilliary pipe for a sidewall pressure side cleaner. you will be going to it eventually when you realize that the infloor system is simply not effective.

I have never had more stress in my life than having to tow the company line to a customer that just spent 10 grand on this thing.

A pool where the infloor system "works" is most likely a pool that does not get that much debris in it in the first place.

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