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Anyone Ever Heard Of Spp's "rent A Randy" Program?


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ok, so i have a massive yard and 4 kids 10 and under who love swimming. I'ld love to get a pool put in for them, but I have never heard any positive comments about the local pool builders. basically they charge whatever they want and slap in the lowest grade equipment they can get away with.

I am a handy diy, but I think a pool goes a little beyond my comfort zone. I found the following site where i can buy the equipment of my choosing and then for a fee, they have a pool installer travel to my location. With 4 or 5 helpers the pool will be in within 4 days. http://www.poolproducts.com/SPP/dept.asp?d...2871&FNM=90

has anyone ever dealt with this company or heard specifically of this "rent a randy" program?

alternatively, is there someone out there who can for a fee spec the plumbing, layout, and quality equipment...with efficiency, ease of operation and longevity in mind? i could then get a contract written up using this and have the local pool guys agree to build to spec.

i'm not after anything special or fancy, but likely a 20x40 with a nice slide.

thanks for any suggestions!

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and what equipment would you recommend. i think i like the idea of an oversized cartridge filter. are the pentair variable speed or multispeed pumps worth the extra upfront costs? are Aqua Genie Skimmers the ones to get?

i'm keeping a list of recommended tips and equipment, so thanks in advance!

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