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Sundance Maxxus Skimmer & N2 Cartridge?


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We have had our new Maxxus for 2 weeks now, and the local dealer was just out to our place to do his 2 week follow-up visit.

Basically, he came over to review the tub's operations, answer any questions, etc.

While he was out, I mentioned to him that I noticed our skimmer door seemed to always be "wide-open" ie. it was slid right down to the bottom of its track and was not skimming at the waterline.

The dealer looked at it, and agreed that it was not working like it should. He sent a tech out to look at it closer.

When the tech arrived, he replaced the skimmer, and it worked as intended. However, once he placed the N2 cartridge into the slot in the skimmer door, the new skimmer once again slid all the way down to the bottom if its track, like the original skimmer. Removing the N2 cartridge let the door rise up and it "skimmed" as intended.

So, there was nothing wrong either skimmer, it's just that once the N2 cartridge is inserted into it, the weight of the skimmer door becomes too much to allow it to float at the waterline.

We took the N2 cartridge out and just placed it inside the filter compartment. The dealer is going to check with Sundance to see if they are aware of this, or if perhaps N2 changed something with their cartridges (ie. added weight).

Has anyone else with a Sundance noticed this with the N2 cartridge? Is there anything wrong with just laying the N2 cartridge on the bottom of the filter compartment - it seems like it will still have decent waterflow through/around it as it is quite close to the filter.


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Update...the dealer spoke with Sundance and came out again yesterday. They changed out the skimmer again and it is now working fine with the N2 cartridge in its designated spot in the skimmer door.

Excellent service provided by Sun Spa of Calgary...4 days from when I first mentioned the issues to have a tech out to our home twice to address the matter!

Jacuzzi Premium Spaz of Calgary...are you listening??

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What did they do to fix the problem? I see the exact same thing with my skimmer and I just assumed the extra weight from the cartridge was to blame.

I have a 2009 Sundance Optima by the way.

I will ask them for you Mark and get back to you.

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